Q&A for Scarsdale Medical Diet

Q. You don't list any soups on the Diet - are they forbidden?
A. No. Low-calorie soups such as consomme, no-fat vegetable soup, onion soup, borscht (see Gourmet Diet recipe) are excellent, and I would encourage you to add them. They have not been placed on the menus because they are apt to complicate the simple meals.

Q. I have difficulty finding protein bread at the store. Can I substitute any other type of bread?
A. If protein bred is not available, you may substitute whole wheat bread (as dense as possible), or gluten bread.

Q. If I start the Scarsdale Medical Diet on Monday and I eat a rich dinner on Saturday, does that ruin the whole week's benefits?
A. It doesn't "ruin" the effectiveness of the Diet, but it is damaging and can slow up your weight loss considerably.

Q. Do you advise any special exercise or activity while I'm on the diet?
A. I recommend, if at all possible, that you walk briskly at least two miles a day. If you enjoy swimming, golf, tennis and other sports, go to it.

Q. Just eating a slice of protein bread at a time, how can I keep the loaf fresh-tasting?
A. Keep the protein bread in the freezer, and take out and toast a slice at a time. It will keep fresh-tasting.

Q. When you specify tuna fish on the Diet, does it have to be water-packed?
A. No, but if the tuna fish is oil- packed, por off all the oil you can. Then rinse in a collander or strainer under cold water and shake dry.

Q. When I have tuna fish or canned salmon, can I cut celery into it?
A. Yes, if it makes it tastier for you, add celery, carrots, chopped parsley, squeeze in some lemon or lime juice - use your creativity.

Q. What do you mean by "assorted cold cutts", as listed for the Monday lunch?
A. Csoose your own assortment of cold meats, chicken, turkey, even cold fish. Some possibilities are cold beef, lamb, veal, lean ham - but always with all visible fat removed. Avoid processed meats such as bologna and salami.